Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Good Boy Pawsley & Co Large Chewy Braid Yummy Beef

I have to say that I am not convinced that this here is a crispy snack. I'm pretty certain it's more of a chewy.... chew. But do admit it is rather a handsome chewy... chew.
Noble Friend tells me that this doggy snack is taste tester Honey's absolute favourite. And therefore this snack should be advertised to the world.

OK then. To please Noble Friend. Taste tester Honey has a problem with her joints. Not sure if it is rheumatism or arthritis or what, but Honey needs regular physiotherapy which she does not enjoy. This chewy snack is so highly recommended because it keeps Honey occupied while her therapist works on whatever problem it is. There is, it seems, nothing that occupies taste tester Honey like this chewy chew.
If I tell you that the packaging shown here is only about ¾ of the original length, and Honey gets through about ½ a chew per physio session, you will see why Noble Friend (and Honey) are so keen on this product.

If you are a taste testing dog try this now. If you're a human, perhaps not.


  1. Awww! Honey's adorable!

    1. Yes, she is. And soon will be even more so as she has gone on a diet!


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