Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Walkers Classically Ready Salted

So I tried Walkers Crinkles Simply Sea Salted and I wasn't impressed. But now I'm trying Walkers Classically Ready Salted.

And this is a very simple but truly great crisp which took me back to the good old days when there were three flavours if you were lucky.

Wow! I haven't tried these in ages and what a shame that is. And why are they so much better than the Crinkles? Could it be that I don't really like crinkly crisps?

Not really very much to say except that this is a truly great crisp. Basic in the best possible way. Delicious. And simple.

Top marks. I don't know where the potatoes were grown or what variety they are, but the salt comes from Cheshire.

It's a shame the packaging does not reflect what a classic this crisp is but Walkers are obsessed with some competition just now; Gary's Great Ingredient Hunt (every pack wins), and it's all over both the packaging and the website. Apparently you can win up to £10,000. I won 10% off a holiday I have no intention of taking. Great.


  1. I agree that now they are classic but when I was a lad (there I go again) they were the new crisp on the block. Smiths were the classic and they were followed by Golden Wonder (which I an beginning to see again in shops) and possibly KP. Walkers had quite a different taste to them - and to a certain extent still have. Perhaps it is the oil.

    1. Oh yes, I agree when I were a lass you got Smiths Crisps and then Golden Wonder. I never saw Walkers until I went to live in Cirencester in erm... 1979. And I remember being astonished how much better the Walkers crisps were than Golden Wonder. Are GW really making a come back? I keep saying I must do a raid on Tesco because they are bound to have a more exciting selection than our local Waitrose. I really think these basic flavour, basic shape crisps from Walkers are good. But again I ask - have you tried Yorkshire Crisps?

    2. By Yorkshire crisps do you mean Seabrookes? Have you featured them yet in your quest?

    3. Yorkshire Crisps Handmade in Yorkshire - only ever seen to buy (by me) at Haddon Hall and Hardwick Hall and Castle Howard.

      Yorkshire Crisps, established in 2005, was founded by businessman and part-time farmer, Ashley Turner, whose family businesses have been well known in Sheffield for 120 years.

      At Yorkshire Crisps, we produce luxury hand cooked crisps and pride ourselves in only using quality produce and specially selected varieties of potato and parsnips grown by local farmers. Potatoes are delivered to the factory by tractor from farms just a few miles away. They are batch fried in pure sunflower oil and flavoured with only 100% natural ingredients – no MSG, preservatives, colourings or artificial flavours are used. Our environmental impact is further reduced by sourcing all our packaging from Yorkshire suppliers

    4. And no I haven't featured them because I haven't had a packet lately. And I don't know Seabrookes?