Monday, 4 November 2013

Pom-Bear Original

Pom-Bear, anyone?

I never had one before this week. I was looking for something less chocolatey for the trick or treaters and ended up with some multi packs of mini Cheddars (of which more later) and Pom-Bears. So naturally I tried out the Pom-Bears.

I'm not sure what I was expecting; but not these pale reconstituted potato foam bear-shaped snacks. They.... they're rather good but at the same time don't really taste of anything. I almost felt like adding salt and I can't think what the yeast extract and spice listed in the ingredients are doing because they're not supplying much spicy yeasty flavour. However, in a weird way these are good. 

The little bears are very cheerful and smiley and I hadn't realised they come in four positions: both arms up, left arm up and right down, right arm up and left down, and both arms down. I had thought that maybe you might be able to make a semaphore word from these positions but not really. You get U, the symbol for erase, L and N. This is a bit disappointing but there you go. I suppose you could write NUL and then cross it out?

Obviously I've seen packets of Pom Bears for sale all over the place but I never bought any because I thought they were made of apple. Stupid? Maybe. But presumably the Pom comes from pomme de terre, so why not simply pomme? That's French for potatoes and apples in case you speak exciting languages not at all like French.

 I'm a bit puzzled by the "The Teddy Shaped Potato Snack" strap across the packet. The teddy shaped snack? As opposed to other teddy shaped snacks?? In which case does anyone know any other teddy shaped snacks? Weird.

There's an interesting video on YouTube called Pom-Bear Massacre featuring two little bears called Martin and Janet. Check it out. It's really very silly. (You may get ads and it's not edited for language.)

I see Pom-Bears come in more exciting flavours than Original. I just need to try shopping somewhere else because you can't buy them in Temple Fortune. A trip to the exotic climes of Finchley Central (home to a Tesco) beckons.

Nevermind all the crisps I've tried which seem to be aimed at eight year olds; these are probably for two year olds. I still managed to enjoy them. And they work terrifically well with a good film like The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists! (mysteriously known in the United States as The Pirates! Band of Misfits - I can't think why). 

And here is the Pom Bear himself throwing his rubbish away.

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