Monday 14 January 2019

Bret’s Au Fromage du Jura

Another big packet of crisps from Breton company Bret’s. With a Breton workforce growing French potatoes (possibly even Breton potatoes) for a family company and caring for the the Breton environment you can see this is a very Breton crisp.

Except for the cheese which comes from quite a different part of France. And what a tasty cheese this must be, because this is a fabulous crisp.

Just for a change every single reluctant taste tester really liked this crisp. A lovely subtle cheesy taste and a nice fine crinkle cut crisp. We all liked this crisp very much, and the Chef was pleased to approve too.

Interestingly Bret’s have previously marketed a crisp “au Comté” which is a cheese from the Jura. The Chef and I enjoyed them while driving through France several years back. Comté is a tasty, and well known, AOP cheese from the Jura. And I note from the list of ingredients that the cheese used here is in fact exclusively Comté. So why has the name changed? Could it be that name checking Comté on the packet required a licensing agreement of some sort?

Or is this a different recipe?

Well, whatever the truth of it, this is a very nice crisp. But you have to go to France to buy it. Or possibly an Arabic speaking country (ingredients in English and Arabic as well as French).

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