Wednesday 12 January 2022

Co-op Hand Cooked Ultimate Roast Potato Crisps

What an interesting crisp flavour, I thought as I rushed into the local Co-op for emergency double cream and paracetamol at New Year. Naturally I snapped up a packet.

Nice crisps. A good size, tasty, and a tip top crunch. But do these crisps actually taste of roast potatoes? 

Sadly, no. No they don’t. Well, not unless you roast your potatoes with quite a lot of herbs. And we don’t. The packet does show rosemary and garlic which are both on the list of ingredients, but the taste is not potatoey enough.

I’ve had roast potatoes cooked with masses of garlic, with tons of Parmesan grated over them, and with a bit too much lemon juice (thanks Judy), but to be honest I prefer my roast potatoes to taste of roast potatoes. 

What a pity. This is a missed opportunity to make a wonderful crisp. Mind you, the Chef had no trouble at all finishing the packet all by himself. So if you aren’t as picky as me you might like them. You probably will.

Wednesday 5 January 2022

Tayto Meanies Pickled Onion Flavour

I can’t think why I have failed to post this tasty Irish version of Monster Munch before. It was a present from Cliffs of Moher taste tester’s mum at the end of November, and I tried the Meanies at once, so honestly I have no excuse.

As you might suppose this is the style of snack that tastes impossibly strong and sticks to your teeth so firmly that you wonder why you are torturing yourself. However, if someone offers you another bag you snatch it enthusiastically and start the torture afresh. Unless of course you don’t fancy pickled onion flavour.

Not a crispy snack for every day, and probably aimed at 8 year olds. But I confess I rather enjoyed them.