Friday, 25 July 2014

Walkers French Fries Ready Salted

For ages I've been wondering what Walkers French Fries would be like but I've only ever seen them in packs of six or more and who buys a pack of six somethings not having any idea if they are going to be nice or not. So when I saw this little bag in the Post Office I thought why not? And then the guy behind the counter gave them to me for nothing because the packet was past its sell-by date.

So I didn't know what to expect: some past their sell-by crisps are absolutely fine while others are not so nice.  So I was pleasantly surprised because these seemed perfectly fine and tasted delicious.

You know those shiny little expanded polystyrene packaging peanuts? French Fries have a very similar silky feel to them and also a similar foamy texture. Because they are made of potato granules and not slices of potato. Whatever it is that Walkers do to turn potato granules and starch into a tasty snack via some sort of extruding machine gives them an amazing shiny feel. Although if you bit into a polystyrene peanut I imagine it wouldn't have a yummy salty taste. Or a satisfying crunch either.

French Fries are not so long and spindly as shown on the packet, but they are still fairly long. A little bit (but not too) thin. And a little bit curvy. And really and truly they are delicious. This is a great traditional ready salted flavour.

OK, so one of the ingredients is MSG (surprise!) but as I'm not intending to eat these crispy crunchy tasty snacks every day I don't really care. Moderation is everything. I would like to try French Fries in another flavour though.

Once again the design department at Walkers has played with the little guy who disposes of his rubbish responsibly. And to go with the spindly thin design of this snack the little guy is now terribly thin and spindly. And it looks as though he's throwing away several French Fries.

I really enjoy these little guys and (perhaps a little sadly) I've started to look out for different designs. It's a harmless pursuit I suppose. But all credit to Walkers for going to the trouble because they don't need to.

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