Saturday, 12 July 2014

M&S Full on Flavour Salt & Vinegar Twists

I've been walking past these twisty snacks in Marks and Spencer for months. Possibly years. And I finally decided I might given them a chance to be better than I thought they would be. And you know what? They were right and I was wrong.

I'm always a little bit cautious about salt and vinegar. It can be a terribly harsh flavour, even to the point of taking the skin off the roof of your mouth. But these are quite mild. Very tasty in fact. Sort of... just right.

Nice smooth texture, not a lot of flavour dust. Very easy to eat a lot more than you thought you were going to.

And then, they do look just like pasta twists or fusilli for all you Italian speakers out there. I don't know about you, but when I cook pasta twists I always end up with the edges just right and the core of the twist still not quite cooked enough. So I never buy fusilli any more, and that's why I walked past these crispy snacks for so long.

However, these work just fine. Somehow the core of the twist has just the same crunch as the edges. Pretty clever, eh?

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. No artificial colours or flavourings and no MSG. But you can't recycle the metallic blue and silver packaging.

The blue and silver really reminds me of one of my late 1960s Barbie's best outfits called Zokko #1820. And huge thanks to the Fashion Doll Guide which has posted a great photo of the exact outfit I am thinking of. A little disco dress with silver knitted top and metallic blue skirt, and a silver belt with orange stripe. It came with silver boots. How space age and modern Barbie was in 1969. Amazing.

I still have all my Barbie outfits (and my Barbie too), although all packed away just now. And in storage so I can't get at it to photograph the dress, or check to see if I still have the all important matching orange earrings. I expect it came with an orange coathanger too; everything came with a coathanger. But I am fascinated to see how much I could sell all the bits for. If I wanted to.

Back to the crispy snack. Pretty good.

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