Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Waitrose Crunchy & Savoury Sea Salt Pretzel Sticks

Waitrose pretzel sticks come in a beautiful sea green bag that subtly changes from light to dark (or vice versa) as you move from right to left (or vice versa). Looking at the front I didn't even realise; ah, but then I looked at the back and it's obvious.

There's not very much to say about pretzel sticks. You get a stick. It's crunchy. With a light pretzel taste. And there are little chunks of sea salt. Not very tasty - you can't say that because the taste is light and not too strong - but pleasant and moreish.

The reluctant taste testers made away with most of the 100g packet without really noticing. You can get from the main body of the office into the filing room or the meeting room by walking along the passage, or you can duck through the kitchen. And I think a fair amount of grazing goes on as everyone takes the kitchen route. It doesn't save any time: it just goes past the handy bowl of crispy snacks.

Slightly weirdly someone thought these were Twiglets. Which they're definitely not because Twiglets have a much stronger and completely different taste. And look quite different too.

Not a bad crispy snack. Probably very good with dips, and possibly excellent with a little dab of butter!

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