Thursday, 31 July 2014

Bret's Les Aromatisées Saveur Carbonara

Crisps tasting of spaghetti carbonara? Well, why not.

Travelling through France on our way to Switzerland we stopped at three service stations and I picked up a packet of crisps or two. Or, as it turns out, a packet of crisps or16. How could I possibly resist? After all, there were so many fascinating flavours to choose from.

So here we have carbonara flavour. The ingredients include milk, cream, cheese, onion, garlic and actual viande de porc (albeit in powder form). So not suitable for vegetarians. Real meat eh?

These crisps have a nice fine crinkle. The colour is a pale golden and they taste pretty much the same as they smell which is more unusual than you might suppose. And quite nice crunch.

I rather liked these crisps. I thought they had a pleasant light flavour; a crisp I would happily eat again. Another taste tester thought it a very heavy flavour. But tasty he said. He didn't think he would buy them again though. Which is fine because he didn't buy them in the first place!

Bret's is a Breton company very proud of its work force (200 agriculteurs breton) and its commitment to reduce its impact on the environment. The company is based in the Morhihan, which is in Southern Brittany. I looked it up on a map and the almost inland sea with all the little islands does look rather lovely.

I have more crisps from Bret's to try so we'll see how we go. But I think these are pretty good. Especially considering I'm not mad about spaghetti carbonara in the first place.

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