Friday 11 July 2014

Essential Waitrose Cheese Puffs

Another variation on the ever popular cheesy puff; much delicious extruded maize goodness. Yes, I know, these kinds of snacks are 100% pretence food but I find them irresistible.

Actually, I bought these by mistake for a friend. I say by mistake because I failed to notice that these stunningly good crispy snacks are made with wheat flour (who knows why) and I should have bought the M&S version (also sublime, in fact possibly even better) which is not made with wheat. And disappointed friend cannot eat wheat so I ate them myself.

Really good!

I recently reviewed the original (in this country anyway) cheese puff; the cheesy wotsit. Not terribly impressed as you can read for yourself if you wish. And until now my favourite cheesy puff was the M&S Full on Flavour version. But I think the essential Waitrose version is a pretty good contender.

Nice light crunch - as it should be, good bubbly texture, lots of tasty flavour dust but not to the extent of turning your fingers orange. And a lovely cheesy taste with a slight citrusy note which lifts the taste. As I said: really good.

I don't know if these are baked or fried as the packaging doesn't tell me. Whatever Mr Waitrose or his suppliers are doing it's definitely the right thing.

Suitable for vegetarians. No artificial colours or flavourings.
The packaging is nothing exciting but this is the essential range from Waitrose.

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