Sunday, 27 July 2014

Corkers Pork Sausage and English Mustard

Road trip!

We went to Cambridge yesterday where we saw a beautiful albizzia tree in full flower, a fabulous C18th clock sitting on the back of a rhinoceros, and the Batmobile being driven past on a car carrier. And we found these crisps, new to us, in the Courtyard Cafe at the Fitzwilliam Museum.

Wow! These sausage flavour crisps really seem to be made with genuine sausage flavour. Although the ingredients list is not specific it does say natural flavourings. Also spices, herbs and onion. And of course, mustard which you can also taste. However, they are suitable for vegetarians so no actual sausage.

It's odd. Some crisps have a wonderful aroma and a less good taste. These just smell of crisps but taste amazing. Personally I could manage with a little less mustard in the mix but I have never been a fan of mustard.

These crisps are made near Ely in Cambridgeshire from East Anglian spuds; a variety called Naturolo. They have no artificial flavourings or MSG and are hand cooked in sunflower oil. This is a Natural British Crunch.

A lovely crunch, nice dark golden brown colour, lots of tasty flavour dust. A genuinely good crisp. And in a 40g packet which as you know I always find a plus.

I never heard of the Corkers crisp company before but it seems to be run by two guys called Rod Garnham and Ross Taylor who have themselves photographed wearing black tie and red wellies. And they have also redesigned the little guy who disposes responsibly of his crisp packet. This little guy is wearing a suit and tie and has just taken off his bowler hat. Very British.

The Corkers Crisps website is a little slow to open but very very British in theme.  Lots of fun photos. Clearly these East Anglian chaps are very keen on their crisps. And cricket.

Also spotted in Cambridge; this E-Type Jaguar parked in Trumpington Street just near the museum. Every single man who walked past just had to stop and admire it. I was lucky to get this man-free shot. Man-free, woman-free, bicycle-free, traffic-free: Cambridge is very busy on a Saturday in July. It's a shame I couldn't fit the tops of the gables in too but I didn't have time to get a better angle.


  1. Ah, genuine sausage crisps made with genuine sausage flavour but without any genuine sausage. I have never been quite sure how you "hand-cook" something, surely you would risk burning your hand?

  2. Obviously you get a really long-handled ladle to stir the cauldron of boiling oil.
    Even though there is no genuine actual pork sausage involved here I must admit the taste is very impressive.


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