Wednesday 21 August 2013

M&S Reduced Fat Buttered Baked Potato Flavour Crisp

Sometimes at lunch it's all about the crunch. A quiet lunch will be just as filling and very likely a lot more nourishing but nonetheless sometimes you need a crunch. And on the crunch days you find me browsing the snack shelves in Waitrose or Marks & Spencer.

I never buy reduced fat anything because it's always horrible whatever it is. Much better policy to eat a lot less of the full fat stuff than battle your way through something nasty like totally fat free yoghurt. I mean, seriously, yoghurt is made of fat isn't it? (And a selection of bacteria of course.) So what can the fat free version be made of? Air, water and cardboard I suppose.

So I bought these anyway because baked potato seemed such a bonkers flavour for a crisp.

However weird it sounds, this flavour really works. These crisps really do taste of baked potato with plenty of butter.

How the flavour development team at Marks & Spencer ever came up with the idea is anyone's guess but it's a real triumph. Right at the end of the packet where the crisps get smaller and there's a higher proportion of what I call flavour dust there's a slight hint of onion, which is one of the ingredients listed. How onion makes anything taste of baked potato (or butter) I don't know but there you are.

Not a flavour for every day - they're a bit rich - but one to try if you see them. Only problem: they're never in stock.


  1. We need these crisps back...absolutely delicious

  2. I love these crisps and as you say they are never in stock...what's going on??

    1. I don’t think they make them anymore. But try and get to France and look for Bret’s Subtiiilement Burrée. They’re very good

  3. My fav flavour and can't get them. Anywhere. Sad