Wednesday, 28 August 2013

M&S Great British Summer Beef Burger Handcooked Potato Crisps

I thought I'd try these for fun.

Handgemaakte aardappelchips met hamburgersmaak it says in dutch. 
Or chips de pomme de terre cuite a la main au gout de steak hache de boeuf in french.
Neither of these says "great british summer" of course, or indeed, the slightly weird "food on the move daily fare".  I suppose great british summer makes these a limited edition crisp, but the food on the move bit is a bit odd. What makes any other crisp not something you would eat on the move?

I'd seen these in my local M&S of course and thought they sounded a bit sinister and then I read a rave review online. Well. That just goes to show you shouldn't believe everything you read online.

They certainly taste of beefburger. And there's a hint of dill pickle to add to the burgeryness. So the flavour is very good. But these crisps are strangely greasy so it's as though you were eating a cold burger. Hot grease good - cold grease bad. 

Good thing I bought a small bag. But maybe I should have heated them up? (Not so much of the "food on the move" then of course.) 

When I was young we always had roast potatoes for Sunday lunch with a chicken or a small joint of beef. Which was great because I loved roast potatoes, and still do. But oh the joy of going out for lunch with friends who just heated up a bag of crisps instead of going to the trouble of peeling potatoes and roasting them. Strange isn't it? Such a simple thing seemed amazingly gourmet. Perhaps because my mother didn't do it. I don't know why not; she was the world's least enthusiastic cook. I guess the answer is either (1) like me she just loved roast potatoes, or (2) she didn't know how to heat up a bag of crisps. Forgive me for writing this Mummy, but option (2) is perfectly possible.

I am of course remembering a long ago time when crisps were plain and came with a pinch of salt in a twist of blue paper. Yes, the legendary add your own salt flavour. 

I'm not suggesting beef burger hand cooked crisps would work with a roast chicken, but just possibly heating them up might work. The question is, I suppose, can I be bothered to buy another packet and give it a try?

The packaging is quite fun. Only why is the little dog making away with a string of sausages and not a burger?

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