Friday 30 August 2013

M&S Ever So Posh Hand Cooked Sea Salt and Lemon Vinaigrette

Another crunch at lunch choice from Marks & Spencer; I quite often get these classy crisps. 

Remember a few years back when sea salt and black pepper seemed such a swanky new crisp flavour? No longer I'm afraid. Everyone makes them now and that makes them just as ordinary as plain old salted - the very first flavour (don't forget those twists of blue paper crisp fans). So anyway, you've got to have something new as a basic and this seems to be M&S's ever so posh choice. 

I really do recommend these. The flavour is quite sharp - but no surprise there; that's what you expect from a lemon vinaigrette. And actually this is a good thing for me because I can't eat very many at once. So a packet will last me all week. Or longer. So my high salt, probably very high fat, snack at lunchtime gets eeked ( fourth time lucky getting the iPad to accept that word) out making it less drastically unhealthy.

As well as the taste I love the packaging. The matte brown package is very handsome indeed, and perhaps even posh. And very nice too.

Verdict? 10/10. 

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