Friday 23 August 2013

M&S Full on Flavour Cheese Tasters

This is another crunch at lunch choice from Marks & Spencer: M&S's take on Walkers Wotsits, previously Golden Wonder Wotsits, and now (I gather) owned by the global conglomerate Frito-Lay, as we know a wholly-owned subsidiary of PepsiCo, Inc. But I think M&S owns M&S.

Utterly delicious.

Yes, I know they are completely fake food made of reconstituted maize and puffed somehow into slightly bent sort of worm shapes covered in bright orange flavour dust, and I ought to condemn them out of hand. But somehow I can't resist them. They say the flavours are 100% natural. Maybe, but they come across as yummily fake.

I just love these and I've always loved Wotsits. Can't find anything bad to say about them. So it's lucky they come in small bags because stopping halfway (or sooner) through a large bag is very hard. Obviously it's nice to have some left over for tomorrow but in a weird way this never happens. How could that be?

It is perhaps a slight worry that the pack comes with a warning: the colouring may stain your clothes. Interesting.

When I was about 10 I had a friend called Heather who lived in a very large, very glamorous flat with her mother. I only went there a couple of times but was massively impressed, and have never forgotten, that Heather had a walk-in wardrobe (not to mention at least 3 times as many clothes as I had). Wow! Anyway, in the drawing room where we weren't really allowed there were several sofas around a coffee table. And on the table was a little dish with giant Wotsits in. Each one about as fat as my thumb and forefinger together. As a table decoration! What wastefulness to use food as a decoration. In our house they wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes, never mind sit there long enough to get stale. It really is most unfortunate that I have never seen such fabulous fat Wotsits (or similar product under different name) in any shop. How tantalising.

Would I recommend Cheese Tasters? Yes I would. I know this kind of crispy snack is not to everyone's taste but I haven't ever worked out why not. Yum yum yum.


  1. These things are amazing! They deserve a place in the palace. Um a huge fan of all crisps cheese, wotsits, Cheetos! Don't start me on cheetos... but M&S Cheese Tasters? OMG! They are THE dogs danglies.

    I generally do a large bag with lunch and then wipe my fingers on a colleagues jumper.

    The weekend is terrible if i have forgotten to stock up in the week as we don't have m&s at home. I get the shakes if I don't get them. Si its not natural ingredients, (I don't care) I WANT MY TASTERS

  2. You are obviously a massive fan. But health and safety obliges me to suggest you might try not to wipe your fingers on your colleague's jumper. Try washing your hands instead. Nice to hear from you though.