Friday, 16 August 2013

Bret's Pizza au Feu de Bois

Now these I found in a motorway service station in Alsace. I think it was the place with all the storks menacing the lunchtime picnickers. Dirty great big birds storks. I was just saying that I'd never seen a stork and there they were - a great big flock of them.                                                                               
 I really wanted to like these crisps. The company is based in Brittany and makes a big deal about employing local labour, growing proper potatoes in a traditional way and generally having a proper ethical, er, ethos. But to be honest, I'm not mad keen on the way they use an image of a crisp instead of an apostrophe. And then there is the flavour.

Pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven. Yes.... as a flavour it's a bit vague really. I could have got kebab (I think it was kebab not barbecue) but I thought that pizza would be nicer. And, indeed, these crisps do have a pleasant flavour. A bit heavy on the oregano perhaps, but in a good way. Only, the wood-fired oven is a bit fugitive. 

If you pay really close attention you get a hint of slightly overcooked pizza crust (the bit I never eat) on the very first bite. And that's about it for the pizza flavour. I did think at one point that I'd caught a hint of mozzarella coolness but I can't be sure. 

They are tasty and I think they'd work well with a sour cream and chive dip but I'm not certain I'd buy these again.

So here are some pictures of storks.

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