Sunday 22 August 2021

Chio Oven Jumpys Sea Salt


I was quite excited to see another flavour for the fabulous Jumpys. 

Of course the Chef and I first discovered Jumpys in 2013 (so long ago!) and I thought the taste a bit dull. After years of testing: just me and the Chef, or with the Reluctant Taste Testers, I have discovered that the simple flavours work the best. For me anyway, and I think for a lot of other people too.

So what we first tried were a Sunny Paprika flavour (although I have never worked out what makes it sunny), and I think the little kangaroos were fried. Look how picky I was back then! Goodness me. I had no idea at all. Because actually the Sunny Paprika Jumpys are fabulous, not to mention pretty cute (I wonder who ever had the idea for a miniature crunchy kangaroo?), and these oven cooked Sea Salt flavoured Jumpys are much less nice. Oh don’t get me wrong; I did finish the packet but I feel these little kangaroo shaped snacks weren’t as tasty as they might have been.

The crunch is still the same but somehow the sea salt flavour isn’t quite interesting enough. Yes oven cooked with 40% less fat is probably a healthier option, but there’s very little point in healthy if it isn’t tasty. 

Yes. There is little point in a crispy snack if it isn’t tasty. But a healthy crispy kangaroo is more intriguing than fried slices of potatoes. Well m there you are.

Found in Switzerland.

Monday 16 August 2021

Bret’s La Bretonne Subtiiilement Beurrée

 Purchased, you guessed it, from a motorway service station in France, this interesting crisp is just delicious. There were other flavours on offer in the little shop (where I also bought a packet of extremely good ham for our picnic lunch), but this looked the most intriguing.

So yesterday I put out a bowl of crisps for the Chef which he shoved to the far end of the table for fear of eating too many, and I sat down on the sofa with the packet. And ate far too many all at once.

Just delicious. A gorgeous buttery taste which may sound wrong, but trust me, it’s so right. Lovely crisp bite as always from Bret’s, finely crinkled, irresistible. Buy some to try if you see them, but possibly only available in France.

And they remind me quite strongly of the long lamented M&S Reduced Fat Buttered Baked Potato crisp which was great. It really was.