Monday 20 September 2021

Kambly ApériSticks Carotte Avec une touche de Chili

We visited Switzerland (thank you very much NHS Covid passport) and I wondered what this little packet of crispy sticks might taste like. 

A crispy snack made with carrots? Well, let’s see. There’s a good crunch, and the little crispy sticks seem much like any similar product… except for the lack of salt. Which is just seen (as fashion editors say) in the photo, but not immediately obvious on the product. The carrots do add an amazing whack of sweetness so not what you might expect in a crispy snack. Never underestimate a TV chef who tells you to add carrots for sweetness: it’s really true.

Quite a tasty snack, but a little too sweet for my taste. I prefer salt over sweet any day of the week. And they do ever so slightly gum themselves to your teeth which isn’t ideal. But perhaps I should have tried them with some hummus? I think that would work nicely.