Thursday 7 May 2015

7Days Bake Rolls Garlic

7Days is a brand available almost entirely in the Eastern part of Europe (as opposed to Eastern Europe which sounds like something out of  a cold war novel). It's owned by Chipita SA, a Greek company, and is available in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine. And Germany.

Except that you can also buy 7Days Bake rolls in the Tall Taste Tester's corner shop. Which used to sell fish and reptiles; a species of pet shop if you will. You can also find them in lots of little shops in North London so I imagine in other parts of the UK too.

You might suppose from looking at the packet that a Bake Roll crispy snack is rather like half a bagel. But it doesn't have a rounded back like a bagel. It's a flat snack. Like a slice of apple.

The Chipita SA website has a different section for each language. Rich! Rich! Rich! Taste (says the German page about Bake Rolls), while the Serbian page says Bogat! Bogat! Bogat! Ukas and features a fabulous commercial bizarrely in English with (I suppose) Serbian subtitles. There are other commercials in other languages and for other products so the website is worth a look.

Gazdag! Gazdag! Gazdag! Íz! (Hungarian). It's a great way to learn new languages although, unless you encounter a crispy snack fan, you might find your vocabulary somewhat limited.

Garlic Bake Rolls have a very pleasant garlic taste and a good hard crunch. The Bake Roll is a thin slice of bread, twice baked for extra crunchiness. And they are very crunchy. And they are very good. Particularly fabulous with a bit of butter.


  1. We would call those bagel crisps!

    1. That makes a lot of sense. We have 2 more flavours to try.

  2. Bake Rolls will be available in the USA as of Sept 1, 2015.
    They will be called 7 Days Bagel Chips.

    1. Excellent news for any US readers out there. We liked this garlic flavour a lots, and also the garlic olive and oregano. Yum. Highly recommended to all.