Wednesday, 6 May 2015

M&S Sweet Chilli Hand Cooked

Sometimes people ask me why I write about crisps (two friends asked me just the other evening... but then neither of them had ever even heard of a blog). And the answer is it sort of happened by chance. And mostly I really rather enjoy it because you never know what you're going to find next.

But I really don't know about Sweet Chilli flavour crisps. I am not convinced about this flavour.

One way and another there seem to be a quite a lot of Sweet Chilli flavour crisps about just now but so far I'm not sure that any of them have really worked for me. Because mostly there isn't quite enough chilli and then there's often too much sweetness. And together they don't add up to anything very memorable.

So unmemorable in this case that I forgot to take a scan of the packet and threw it away. And when I photographed the crisps I forgot to photograph the packet to remind me which crisp it was (perhaps you won't be surprised to learn my iPhoto is stuffed with pictures of crisps).

How annoying. I'll have to buy another packet. But lucky for me this new season crisp from M&S comes in a small packet if you look next to the sandwiches.

Nothing nasty about this flavour - which is less sweet than sharp - but I can't bring myself to enthuse about it. You might like it better than I do.

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