Friday, 8 May 2015

M&S Hand Cooked Lightly Sea Salted

A very nice packet of crisps. Nothing fancy. A simple old-fashioned flavour and none the worse for that. With a little salt but not too much, and better yet; not too little. I often find that lightly salted crisps taste of very little - but these are just right.

Like all the Hand Cooked crisps from M&S these have a good crunch.

We had a small work event for which the Dutch taste tester picked up a couple of bags of crisps from M&S. And this was one of them.

I might not buy these for myself (too busy trying out fancy flavours) but for every day, and perhaps for people you don't know too well, these potato crisps are just right.

Well, you know, some people might not fancy octopus crisps infused with rosemary and thyme, or strawberry ice-cream flavour.

2016 packaging.


  1. Just working backwards from your latest post.
    I see the variety comes from the same stable, M&S and I regard these as up market crisps. Next time I visit M&S I shall look out for them . . . :)

    Have you thought about introducing a grading mark for your recommendations?

    1. Some of the early reviews have grades but I prefer words to numbers.

    2. I must read through them . .. and I see what you mean ~ words are better than numbers . . . :)

    3. Unless you number out of 100 (which would drive me mad) rather than out of 10 numbers are quite restrictive. Much better to be able to say well I loved these but the Chef wasn't mad keen. Or I didn't like this flavour but the reluctant taste testers all liked it a lot. Which is something I say quite often.

      I mean, how do you say that in numbers?


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