Monday, 4 May 2015

Zweifel Snacketti Bacon Strips

How fascinating it is that bacon seems to be English, and French and Swiss (all sorts of Swiss), and even Italian for bacon. Why don't they have others words for it?

And these bacon flavour crispy snacks from Swiss crisp giant Zweifel are even pretend bacon shape. The pretend meaty stripe is a bit pale (and completely the wrong colour in real life) but basically what we have here is extruded potato starch pretending to be smoky bacon. With painted on stripes.

Not my most favourite ever crispy snack but I didn't expect it to be. Somehow I usually don't like bacon flavour that much but it is better than ham flavour (which can be really horrible and I'm not sure why). But not so bad either.

The crunch is good and you can get the bubbles to burst on your tongue (if that makes sense). The taste is sweet and smoky.

I wasn't mad keen - you probably worked that out for yourself - and neither was the Chef, but some of the reluctant taste testers liked these a lot. I think they ate 2 bowlsful.

So, a success for some. But not really to my taste. Or the Chef's.

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