Wednesday 27 May 2015

Seabrook Lattice Hand Cooked Crisps Natural Sea Salt

I seem to have corrupted the office. Most of the taste testers are nothing like so reluctant these days and several have brought in interesting crispy offerings. Today the Senior taste tester brought in this packet of Lattice crisps from Seabrook.

I discovered that Morrisons sell Seabrook crisps which have been heartily recommended by a friend, and I've tried their Sea Salt crisps which I thought were wonderful and have made it to my Favourites list. I had determined to make a foray  to stock up on Seabrook's products but Senior taste tester beat me to it with this one.

This is a lovely old fashioned (basically ready salted) flavour crisp but with the modern lattice texture. A very nice crunch, and just the right amount of salt.

But where most crisps might be ready salted or sea salt flavour, this packet is Sun Drenched Natural Sea Salt. So I suppose the salt is naturally dried in the sunshine. Which is great, but as the packet emphasises the natural process I wonder if most salt is dried in some nasty chemical process. In which case: what a pity. Because I'd so much rather have something natural.

The taste testers rather enjoyed this packet of crisps. It is a testament to their enthusiasm that this 120g packet was all finished by lunchtime. Just gentle grazing on the way to and from the photocopier can finish a bowlful (or several bowlsful) rather quickly.

And the packaging design is beautifully subtle. Very nice. I especially like the little string bow.

And here are a few images of the National Collection of Euphorbias in the University of Oxford Botanic Garden.

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