Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Zweifel Wave Chips Grilled Burger

Nom nom nom as they say these days.

Gluten free, lactose free and suitable for vegetarians, these Grilled Burger flavour crisps are much nicer than I was expecting. Well, the thing is, I often find that meat flavour crisps don't work very well for me. And (this may be an odd comment but maybe you know what I mean) they seem to be better appreciated by men than women.

Now I have no idea how that would work. But I have found that friends of the male persuasion (OK, then: men) often seem to like bacon or beef or burger flavour crisps better than female taste testers (frequently me). Not always obviously; but often enough for me to wonder why. And basically I have no clue. One would have to undertake a giant survey to look into this interesting (not actually) statistic further.

So anyway, because this flavour is Grilled Burger I wasn't sure I'd like it. And yet I do.

Not convinced the taste is actually Grilled Burger. It might be. It sort of is. But I propose to cook burgers for dinner this evening and I'm fairly certain they won't taste anything like this. Even if I grilled my burgers (which I won't - if I remember I'll use the griddle but otherwise the frying pan works just fine) I don't think the taste would match. But these crinkle cut crisps from Swiss crisp giant Zweifel are undeniably tasty.

Nice crinkle cut, great golden colour, good crunch. And a taste I find myself liking.

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