Monday, 11 May 2015

7Days Bake Rolls Pizza

Another packet of crispy Bake Rolls contributed by the tall taste tester who is now on a short sabbatical (probably weeding his garden even as we speak), and thus missing the opportunity to taste test.

I have to admit I find Pizza a difficult flavour for a packet of crisps or crispy snacks. I've now tried several pizza flavours and I'm not sure that any of them seemed completely convincing.

As before these Bake Rolls are extremely crispy, and unfortunately somewhat broken so you don't get very many that look like the photograph. I suppose with such crispiness you get a brittle quality; and thus a snack more likely to break.

We felt that the taste was perhaps akin to a mass produced pizza from the freezer cabinet in the supermarket. Something about that not quite right tomato sauce.

On the other hand the not quite right tomato sauce is quite moreish. And we rather felt that having another Bake Roll (or piece of same) wouldn't be such a bad idea. And possibly another one. So in fact we finished the packet with no difficulty.

Not (in my view) as nice as the Garlic flavour which we tried earlier this month, but not bad either.

You might perhaps like to see what I had to say about other pizza flavour crispy snacks: Bret's Pizza au Feu de Bois from France, Calbee Pizza Chips from Japan, Pai d'Oro Anellini Gusto Pizza from Itlay, and Bissli Pizza flavoured Wheat Snacks from Israel.

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