Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Roger's Hand Cooked Sea Salt

Here's another Belgian crisp from Switzerland. Apparently Belgium is the world's fastest growing potato producer, and these crisps are made with the best potatoes Belgian soil has to offer (somehow I cannot imagine a British crisp producer phrasing it quite like that). Anyway, the packet offers us a delicious all-natural flavour and a golden yellow colour. Enjoy!

Or Guten Appetit! Bon Appétit. Smakelijk! I wonder if it is an accident that the French exhortation doesn't have an exclamation mark?

This Sea Salt flavour of premium Belgian potato chips is rather old fashioned. The crisps have the skin left on and a good crunch, and there's no denying they do have a more natural taste than many modern crisps. Perhaps that's because the ingredients are potatoes, sunflower oil, and sea salt. What? No sugar? Apparently not. And just the right amount of salt.

Old fashioned in their lack of superfluous ingredients. And none the worse for that.

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