Friday, 15 May 2015

M&S Pork, Sage & Scrumpy Cider Hand Cooked

What an amazing flavour from a packet of crisps!

We know that M&S make extremely good crisps but you might suppose that pork flavour wouldn't work very well. Well, you'd be quite wrong. And so was I.

What we have here is roast pork, roast potatoes, sage and onion stuffing, and apple sauce. All packed into a bag of crisps using Taurus potatoes and the very highest in crisp flavour technology.

The crisps are a light golden colour with lots of tasty flavour dust showing salt and sugar crystals and tiny herby bits. Despite the lovely apple sauce flavour there are no apples in the recipe so I must suppose all this comes from the scrumpy cider. The hand cooking shows in the bubbles and the folds; these crisps do not look factory made (although obviously they must be).

Slightly to my surprise I really like these. Oh, you know. I'm never really quite sure about meat flavour crisps. Although I've found a few that work very well I have tried others which I thought quite unpleasant, not to say nasty.

The Chef thought they were "weird" and "odd" and didn't approve. The Chef's brother thought the taste seemed familiar but wasn't at all sure about it. I don't think he was very impressed either.

I still think this is a great crisp. And I ate too many of them.

Not suitable for vegetarians or anyone who doesn't want to eat pork.


  1. I enjoyed the cider flavour rush at the end, and learned a new word "scrumpy" that I now try to use at least once a month. These are surprisingly addicting chips that are light, crunchy and form a tasty mush after they're chewed (perhaps a little too graphic for the squeamish, but nonetheless true). Warning: Unless you pour them into a bowl before starting and put the bag away, you will finish the entire bag at one sitting.

  2. I know what you mean about putting crisps in a bowl. I always do these days, and despite all the crisps we try, I eat far fewer than I used to. Glad you enjoyed these crisps. I did, and I was disappointed in the Chef's opinion.


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