Thursday, 21 May 2015

7Days Bake Rolls Tomato Olive & Oregano

So here we have the third packet of Bake Rolls bought by the tall taste tester from his local corner shop (which used to sell fish and reptiles). This was kind of him because he is currently on sabbatical and not able to take part in the taste testing.

And I can report that the reluctant taste testers loved this crispy snack. We (all of us that I talked to) just loved it. Very tasty. And the bowlful didn't last very long. So those who said they would try one at the end of the day were disappointed.

The tomato (as so often) isn't so much a taste of tomato but more a tomato sauce or soup or something, but the addition of the olive gives a wonderful hit of umami. I am sure there is oregano in there somewhere but it doesn't leap out and grab you.

The combination of these flavours is extremely good. And together with the fabulous crunch of the Bake Roll you get a great crispy snack.

Yes, we have a success.

The senior taste tester liked them so much he is planning a raid on the ex-fish and reptile shop to stock up on this crispy snack. And possibly check to see if there is another flavour to try...
And here we have a few more photographs of rhododendrons. Because they looked so wonderful and I took a lot of pictures.

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