Thursday, 14 May 2015

Tesco Snowmen Tortilla Chips

Oh dear. What a shame. And oh dear again, how annoying, because it's now May 2015. And I started writing this post at the end of May 2014.

I don't quite know why these crisps got lost (as it were) in the post.

Not once but twice. But you know, these things happen.

Back to 2014: this packet of Tesco Christmas special crisps fell down to the bottom of my pending bag and now they're five months past their sell-by date. Oops!

So the snowman shape is a tiny bit odd. For one thing, he (presumably he because he doesn't look like a snowgirl and I've seen a showgirl and she didn't look like this) is very wide. Like a shape cut by a child from folded paper, the proportions are all wrong. And really he kind of makes me think of a Dalek. Sort of. Or maybe one of the Doonesbury characters: they have such strange square noses. And yes, I realise the strange square nose is actually the brim of the snowman's hat. And of course I am being really picky here, because it is recognisably a snowman.

These crisps also came in Christmas tree shape if I remember correctly, and I think there was a further festive shape but I can't recall what it was. A holly leaf perhaps? Sadly I can't remember what the other flavours/shapes were.

I can tell you why they kept slipping to the bottom of the pile though. They got broken. All my other purchases (all crisps of course) survived the 10 minute bus journey home from Tesco unscathed. The snowmen really suffered even though they were at the top of my shopping bag and hardly any of the shapes were left intact. And this really put me off.

Stupid me. What a wasted opportunity. Because despite the massive out-of-date-ness of these crisps they do seem to be rather good. And really and truly breakages do not affect flavour.

Despite (again) the out-of-date-ness, these crisps smell great. And the taste seems pretty good too; not all rancid and sinister or anything. To be honest, the packaging seemed just fine and most crisps are made with so much salt, which is a preservative after all, that if they had gone rancid it would be a bit of a surprise.

And returning to 2015: for some reason although I took a photograph of these snowman-shaped crisps I completely failed to scan the packet (which I think was quite plain). Or make a note of the flavour. But I am fairly sure it was a kind of Tortilla Chip, possibly a Cool Tortilla Chip.

Despite this post being somewhat lacking in information for the true crisp fan I'm going to post it anyway. Because otherwise I shall feel that these crisps were born to blush unseen (which is some bit of poetry my mother used to quote). and that would be a pity.

Full many a flower is born to blush unseen,
And waste its sweetness on the desert air.

There we are. My mother used to quote this all the time. And despite having studied Grey's Elegy in A Country Churchyard at school I somehow never connected it with what my mother used to say.

So I apologise for the lack of pack shot. And now we all know a little more poetry. Which can only be a good thing.

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