Sunday, 3 May 2015

M Signature Limited Edition Mozzarella & Pesto Hand Cooked Crisps

This packet of crisps was brought into the office by the senior taste tester who I suppose shops at Morrisons.

I don't usually shop there, but I see they do a number of own brand crispy snacks so I might take a bus in a Northerly direction in the not too distant future to see what they have in stock. Or as the TV commercials so odiously put it these days "in store".

So the senior taste tester set out a bowlful of crisps. Some of the the reluctant taste testers really liked this flavour, and some of them didn't.

Someone said they were very good and just exactly like pesto. And someone else said the taste was all chemically and horrible and she didn't like them at all.

I have to admit that to me they tasted so exactly like the brand of pesto I have decided I really dislike that I fall into the not liking them camp. Plus there wasn't much evidence of mozzarella which is a great shame.

Nice looking crisps, good dark golden colour, but a much harder crunch than I was expecting.

It definitely would be worth trying other flavours if I can find them.


  1. Too bad the mozzarella was missing! The description sounds yummy!

    1. We mustn't forget that descriptions are there to fool us into buying stuff we might otherwise leave on the self.

      I know I keep trying all the crazy flavours but usually I come back to something simple that you can't get wrong.

      These crisps weren't nasty. They just didn't taste how I thought they should. And remember that quite half the reluctant taste testers did like this flavour.


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