Friday 28 July 2023

Belin Rolls Goût Crème & Oignon

Well now, here’s interesting. This is a French version of a crispy snack we have previously bought in North London, but made in Bulgaria or Greece. It appears to be identical, and indeed with a very similar name to the fantastic 7days Bake Rolls we enjoyed so much back in 2015. New!

Perhaps Mondelez, owner of Belin, has snapped up 7days and decided to launch the product under a well known French brand.

The Chef and I rather liked the cream and onion flavour. Very French. Belin are also making this tasty snack in Original (presumably salt), bacon, pizza, and garlic and Italian cheese. I hope to discover one of these next time we are in France.

I suppose these are just thin slices of crisply baked bread with flavour chucked on top but they do taste pretty good. The Chef has enjoyed them too. With butter and without. Nice.

Sunday 23 July 2023

Thaas Chips Oignon de la ferme


Oh dear, what a disappointment.

A new French crisp company, Thaas, that I hadn’t come across before, onion flavoured crisps - again, not a flavour I have come across before. They also do lemon flavour crisps (not available to buy the day we visited the Carrefour outside Reims) but…. What, we ask ourselves, is not to like? 

Thaas crisps are grown in a place called Thaas, pronounced “ta”, the packet tells us so, in the Marne which is in north east France. Two brothers, Manu and David, run the farm, and grow their own potatoes, and the onions too. By the sound of things anyway. At any rate I think they grow and process the potatoes themselves.

Well, I am extremely sorry to report that I was not very excited by this packet of crisps. I would love to tell you that they’re great, but to be honest I am not that impressed and nor is the Chef. Too thick cut, with a dull crunch (I would much prefer a crisp bite), and most importantly, they don’t taste of onions. Oh dear, oh dear.

I was hoping for a great new crisp from a company I hadn’t seen before. I was hoping for a lovely crispy onion flavoured snack. But this heavy crisp doesn’t taste of much except, I don’t know, some sort of default crispy snack flavour. Certainly not onions. I wish I could give you better news.

The Chef, of course, although he’s not too impressed, continues to snack anyway.