Saturday 30 December 2017

Tesco Finest Strawberry & Dark Chocolate Popcorn with a Kick of Black Pepper

Good Heavens! I nearly forgot to write up this strawberry and dark chocolate popcorn. And now all I have left is the empty packet. However, before the packet was empty you could see the popcorn through  a clear circle in the front of the packet.

What did I think? Not bad. Not totally to my taste; I like the chocolate and the pepper but I wasn't so sure about the strawberry; but the popcorn is good. Not spoiled with loads of sharp corn skin. You know? When the popcorn hasn't popped properly and hasn't all gone wonderfully fluffy and light. You'd be surprised how much popcorn the reluctant taste testers and I have tried that had far too many nasty sharp bits.

I think some of the reluctant taste testers were quite taken with this popcorn, and the Chef seems to have been keen too. I always try to bring some of the crispy snack home for him to try. Sometimes the remains get eaten, sometimes not, and in this case all I have left is an empty packet. I asked what he thought? "It was good, tasty", he tells me. "Some bits had too much chocolate on. But that's just a moan."
So a minor moan there, but no popcorn left. And seriously though: too much chocolate? I never heard the Chef complain about that before. I think a very picky Chef managed to finish this popcorn with hand-drizzled Belgian dark chocolate despite his niggly complaint.

Thursday 28 December 2017

Yorkshire Crisps Luxury Handcooked Crisps Roast Lamb & Mint

Well, Noble Friend's Antique Dealer friend (who has never met me or any of the other reluctant taste testers) went to Harrogate. And having been present at so many of Noble Friend's mad crisp buying excursions was inspired to buy us a tub of Yorkshire Crisps. And that was awfully kind.

I was thrilled because I've tried a load of Yorkshire Crisp flavours and they've almost all been great. Some but not all have made it through to the reluctant taste testers but we've had a bit of a cast change recently (like when Miss Ellie on Dallas was suddenly acted by someone else) so not everyone remembers. And perhaps they won't want to.

Because we think this is a dire crisp flavour. Oh dear. Yorkshire Crisps Chardonnay Wine Vinegar for example we thought was a great crisp. And the Lightly Salted? Pretty damned fabulous, I mean a seriously great crisp; a world class crisp. So what happened here?

Oh dear. Not nice.

Nasty and greasy. And I don't think there was a flaw in the packaging which seemed properly sealed. Nobody liked this crisp. So we threw them all away.

That's a shame. Sorry chaps.

Tuesday 26 December 2017

Tesco Finest Sea Salt & Black Pepper

Another Sea Salt and Black Pepper crisp. It's a good simple flavour, invented relatively recently but none the worse for that, and this is a pretty good example. Salt. And black pepper. A combo that usually works very well.

Not complicated but tasty. I'm sure this particular version would work brilliantly with a sour cream and chive dip (or any other dip for that matter). And I reckon you could probably heat it in the oven as an accompaniment to a turkey and stuffing sandwich.  We don't have turkey, but it would work well with chicken and bread sauce I'm sure.

Sea salt and black pepper crisps and brussels sprouts sandwich? Could be.

Give it a try. Go on. You know you want to.

Sunday 24 December 2017

Tesco Cheese Puffs

The reluctant taste testers and I have tried several versions of this popular cheesy snack now, and I was interested to see how Tesco managed it. 

We've tried Essential Waitrose Cheese Puffs which it seems I rather liked. But do beware. For some reason this product contains wheat flour so not suitable for anyone avoiding gluten or (of course) wheat. We've also tried the Marks & Spencer version Full on Flavour Cheese Tasters which are superb. 

And then, of course, there's the original Cheesy Wotsits. Only they aren't original any more. It really isn't the same when a snack you used to love changed from fried to baked. Sigh. Healthier perhaps, but nothing like so tasty as I remember. Sigh again. I'm not even going to think about Cheetos.

But we mustn't forget the fabulous Kims Ostepops brought back from Scandinavia by the late lamented History Graduate taste tester, No, he's not dead (phew!), just moved on to a different job with a well-known film production company.

So what did we think of these Cheese Puffs? Quite nice I thought. Good texture, good lot of flavour dust. Discerning Architectural taste tester told me she didn't like this style of snack because she doesn't like the orange flavour dust on her fingers; Slightly Red Haired Bristolian was astonished. That's the best bit, she said, the ones at the bottom of the packet have more flavour dust and are the best... and then there's the licking of the finger and poking it into the corner of the packet. Fancy not liking that! And what's more Tall Elegant taste tester agreed.

The flavour here is a little bit "dairy" I thought. A bit buttery. But OK none the worse for that really, and after a couple of puffs the flavour is pretty good. Quite tasty altogether. But there are many good contenders in this crispy snack section. If possible I think I would go for the M&S version or the Ostepops if I could. But don't think I'm turning up my nose at the Tesco version.

I brought some home and the Chef seems to have enjoyed them.

Friday 22 December 2017

Tesco Soy Broad Beans

A slightly odd crispy snack here, or maybe more of a nutty snack. It's a Tesco take on a Spanish broad bean snack. Which is more like a bag of nuts than a packet of potato crisps. As Senior taste tester said grumpily, "This isn't a crisp".  He's right there.

I think Noble Friend brought in a Spanish version of this Spanish broad bean snack at some stage - which I didn't like. And now she has excitedly contributed the Tesco version. Which I didn't like much either.

But that's just me. Lots of people holiday in Spain, have holiday homes in Spain, visit friends and relations who live in Spain and probably they've all learned to love this typical Spanish snack. I've only been to Mallorca with a boyfriend I dumped immediately after (or did he dump me?) and I didn't really take to all things Spanish. I mean, I don't eat fish and the only typically Mallorcan thing I was shown was a sardine festival and a Catalan dictionary. What do you think?

Anyway, turns out that some of the reluctant taste testers were quite taken with this snack, especially Tech taste tester who I gather ate quite a lot of these tasty slices of broad bean.

Actually I'm not mad for broad beans anyway so possibly I'm not the best person to ask about this snack. I did quite like the taste but not the texture. Noble Friend was baffled when I said I thought it too hard.

And we all thought that Soy Broad Beans was NOT a good name. Would it tempt you? You don't have a friend who loves going to Spain and speaks Spanish and waves a little packet at you "look what I found at Tesco!" to encourage you to try... maybe you wouldn't make the attempt.

Judging from what the reluctant taste testers had to say I think this snack could be a success... with a better name.

Wednesday 20 December 2017

Tesco Finest Gouda & Edam Crispies

When I went to Tesco the other day I could not resist picking up this little cardboard box of Gouda & Edam  Crispies. It is pretty obvious to me that this is a blatant copy of the totally fabulous ROKA Cheese Crispies from the Netherlands.

Now I am completely addicted to the utterly fabulous ROKA Cheese Crispies; my very favourite crispy snack in the universe (EVER), and the very first I can remember eating. There, are I know, photographs of me eating very fine cut potato chips (we called them chipples) aged about 3. But you can't see them because (a) I don't actually remember the incident, (b) I was a fat little girl and the photographs aren't flattering, but (c) I do remember eating ROKA Cheese Crispies when I was 4.
Anyway, I was interested to see how Tesco got on.  Pretty good. The packaging isn't as good as it might be but this is a sturdier snack than the one it strikes to emulate.

Not really a crispie (don't think rice crispy because that's quite a different thing) but nonetheless this is a very nice crispy snack. Cheesy, tasty. Definitely worth the try.

Monday 18 December 2017

Tesco Cheese Savouries

I bought this 250g packet of little cheesy biscuits because I thought they might be a simple crispy snack. And I was right. Not too cheesy, not so salty, quite tiny really (hence a little difficult to pick up) and almost dull.

Having said that, the dullness masks an incredible addictive quality in these little biscuitty snacks. You just can't stop eating them. Not sure why exactly but the reluctant taste testers and I often find the "duller" tasting snacks are the ones we like best in the long run.

So seven or more shapes; basically little biscuits not tasting of much? That's right. But very nice. Apparently dull is good.... I'd buy these again.

Saturday 16 December 2017

Taylors Welsh Potato Crisps Spicy Chilli

A final outing for the Taylors range of crisps brought for me and the reluctant taste testers from Wales. Photographed here with the triceratops that came over the office fence the other day. It seemed a shame to waste it.
I'm not sure. I am never sure about chilli as a crisp flavour. Although, at least this isn't a sweet chilli flavour crisp.

I really haven't been convinced that these Taylors Welsh Crisps are up to scratch. The texture has not impressed the reluctant taste testers and me, and the flavours; probably could do better. 

Very sorry but we weren't that enamoured of these crisps. I feel bad about giving such a bad review but cannot lie.

Thursday 14 December 2017

Taylors Welsh Potato Crisps Sea Salt

I haven't really enjoyed many of the six flavours of Taylors Welsh potato crisps. For some reason the flavours didn't appeal to me and the texture was all wrong. It has been very disappointing.

But this sea salt flavour was pretty good. Funny how often my favourites turn out to be the simple flavours. I can't think that the texture of this packet of crisps can be any different to the texture of the other flavours (because I'm sure they must all be made the same way), but it seems to be more to my taste.

Very odd. It really doesn't make any sense. Let's just accept that I thought these plain seat flavour crisps quite good. And I think the reluctant taste testers were of the same opinion.

Tuesday 12 December 2017

Vending Machine in Florence

I took this photograph back in March just before I became seriously ill, so perhaps not unnaturally I completely forgot all about it.  We were in Florence which is always lovely even when the weather isn't tip top, and visited the Bardini Gardens which we like for the lovely views over the city. Built on the side of a cliff... but we spend a lot of time in Switzerland so we think why not? They have lots of daffodils, and apple blossom. Altogether it shouldn't feel at all Italian but it does.

I know everyone goes on about the Boboli Gardens but I find them a bit soulless; too much gravel and not enough planting. Anyway, if you visit the loos at the Bardini there's a vending machine. If I'd have been feeling stronger I'd have searched for some Euros and bought a packet of Paquita Crock Canyon or Grigliata. Both apparently from a company called Pata

So annoying. Because I've never seen these crisps anywhere else. We'll just have to go back I suppose. How dreadful. Florence again eh? I do live a hard life.
This is the Chef and me in the Giardini Bardini looking out at the skyline of Florence.

Sunday 10 December 2017

Royal Cashews Hot Pepper Cassava Chips

Tall Elegant taste tester went to Sri Lanka (she saw leopards!) and slightly dubiously brought this packet of cassava chips home for the reluctant taste testers and me.

Cassava is what tapioca (frogspawn of old fashion school meal fame) is made of. These crisps look nothing like tapioca. And it's a wonder that cassava is a major food staple crop because it's full of cyanide and can kill if not prepared correctly. What you do to the roots to get rid of the cyanide I don't know.

We think perhaps the packaging was not as airtight as it should have been because these crisps were a bit stale. And thus not as nice as they might have been. But we were surprised that they seem quite indistinguishable from ordinary potato crisps.

Quite interesting and definitely worth a try if you happen to be in the country of origin.

Thursday 7 December 2017

Tesco Finest Limited Edition Candy Cane Hand Cooked Potato Crisps

Candy Cane flavour crisps? What does that mean? Well, to people of my generation candy canes were things we only saw in Tom & Jerry cartoons (The Night Before Christmas probably features candy canes) and maybe fancy sweetie shops if you were lucky. These days you can buy them all over the place; I saw some in John Lewis the other day, but I've never owned or tried one. So I can only suppose they are mint flavoured.

So this is a mint flavoured potato crisp. Is it a limited edition to make you want it? No-one wants to suffer FOMO. Or is it a limited edition because Tescos got cold feet and thought it wouldn't sell? I hope not because I see that 100% of profits from the sale of this crisp go to the Trussell Trust which co-ordinates a nationwide network of food banks, and Fareshare which is a charity aimed at reducing food waste and relieving food poverty. Both great causes to support as many people these days struggle to feed their families.

And the crisps? Well by no means as weird as you might think. The mint is quite a delicate flavour and works with the crisps better then you might suppose. Nice crunch too. Give them a try and see what you think.

Tuesday 5 December 2017

TGI Fridays Crunchy Fries Snacks Extreme Heat

I've got to admit I was a little dubious about this packet of crispy chip sticks because the flavour seems to be "extreme heat" and I'm not the world's biggest fan of heat.

But yet again we learn never to judge a packet of crisps by its cover. These are great. At least I thought so. The reluctant taste testers were, I admit, a bit less enthusiastic than I was. And one of them randomly complained that the mix of chilli and cheese flavours was confusing. What? How does that work?

I thought the taste was pleasantly hot, but not too hot, and a little bit cheesy but not too much, and the crunch was crispy and just right. And what could be better than that?

What indeed. Yes, please, I'll have another one.

Saturday 2 December 2017

Tayto Cheese & Onion (Republic of Ireland)

Well now, the reluctant taste testers have tried Tayto crisps before but what I had not appreciated was that the crisps we tried were not the genuine article. At least they were... but they were Tayto as recommended by Tall taste tester who comes from Northern Ireland and were purchased at Tesco and Fortnum & Mason.

This packet of Tayto crisps was kindly purchased in the Republic of Ireland by Cliffs of Moher taste tester, a native of Southern Ireland, possibly even a native of County Clare, which is not at all the same thing as Tayto crisps bought in the UK.

And I gather that your genuine Irish crisps are a vastly superior product.

I'm not sure I'm going to comment on that for fear of causing a rift in Anglo-Irish relations which is possible at any time (and I won't say more than that). However, I am prepared to say that this is a very tasty Cheese & Onion, a very nice finely cut crisp with a light crunch.
Deary me though! Cliffs of Moher taste tester has a lot to learn. Although she put out a bowl of crisps in the kitchen; she threw the packet away before I had the chance to document it. I had to wash off a load of coffee grounds. Pah!
I rather like the little graphic on the back of the packet which I think shows Mr Tayto visiting Tayto Park.

Thursday 30 November 2017

Ardens Bites Goats Cheese & Black Pepper

Wow! Pepper pepper pepper. Very peppery indeed. I suppose because everything is chock full of chilli these days, people tend to forget that plain old fashioned  black pepper is really quite hot too, very hot if you use enough. White pepper too.

I was interested to try a goats cheese flavoured crispy snack, but I think I'm going to be disappointed. I don't think I can taste any goats cheese. And interestingly mystery "cheeses" are on the list of ingredients before goats cheese. There's also dried lovage which is unusual (and lucky thing I didn't know before I ate them because lovage tastes of celery and I don't eat celery), and poppy seed (scattered on the top), plus some ingredients I'd sooner not see like glucose syrup and palm oil.

Oven baked pastry nibbles; a lovely crunchy crispy snack with hardly any breakages. Very nice. But undeniably peppery.

Although you do get used to the pepper, the more you eat the less the pepperiness. Nice though. The Chef and I ate them all between us. The reluctant taste testers didn't get a look in.

Tuesday 28 November 2017

TGI Fridays Jalapeño Poppers Cheddar Cheese

Who knew TGI Fridays made crispy snacks? Actually I did. We tried TGI Fridays Potato Skins back in February of this year. But that was shortly before I got ill so perhaps I have an excuse for not really remembering. And apparently Mr Tesco knows too because that's where I found this packet of cheesy chilli crispy snacks.
I'm not sure I would describe this crispy snack as "snack sticks" as the packet does, but they are pretty tasty. Very chilli if that's a thing and with a great texture. Quite nice, the reluctant taste testers and I thought.

I notice these are called Jalapeño Poppers, and then in a different place on the packet Cheddar Cheese. I wonder if there are Jalapeño Poppers... some other flavours? Interesting.
Anyway, definitely worth a try if you spot them in a shop - or perhaps they sell them in branches of TGI Fridays. I don't know. I haven't been in one since ....erm... 1993. 

How can you remember these things, you cry? Well, it was the first time I visited Dear Friend in Buffalo and back then I wasn't supposed to eat/drink citrus fruits but I had a cocktail which I think involved orange juice, cream, and vodka. Does that sound right? No idea what we ate. Possibly due to the vodka. But I do not remember any crispy snack. 

Not bad.

Sunday 26 November 2017

Kettle Discoveries press ad

Well, I missed the opportunity to check out Kettles Discoveries at Taste of London, but I do have this advertisement alerting me to the new (not sure how new) packaging and some interesting crisp flavours.

The reluctant taste testers and I have tried the Gressingham Duck crisps which used to be called Chef's Signature. I see we tried them in January of this year. I thought it was longer ago than that. Memory can play tricks on you can't it.

And the Yorkshire Wensleydale crisps too (also previously Chef's Signature). That was in August this year. But they've both been rebranded obviously quite recently. Hmm.

However, I haven't seen the New York Deli flavour... and you can bet I long to find the Salted Caramel and Double Cream. Can't quite decide if they are going to be really amazing or quite the reverse. Apparently we just can't get enough of salted caramel as a flavour and it has invaded everything. Salted caramel chocolate (obviously), salted caramel tea, salted caramel vodka, salted caramel mousse, salted caramel cupcakes, salted caramel sauce .... and now salted caramel crisps. Here's hoping I can find some eh?

I do hope I can find a packet. Might trip over the New York Deli with Pastrami & Dill Pickle too. You never know.

Tuesday 21 November 2017

Ardens Twists Gruyère & Spinach

According to the back of the packet, the people at Ardens found a similar crispy snack on a trip to Switzerland; possibly Gruyère, which after all was a place before it became a cheese. There's a socking great castle for a start and I have long wanted to visit it. But do take care when looking for it online. I searched Gruyère and got images of the Château de Gruyère ✅, Schloss Thun❎, the Château de Chillon❎, and a bridge in Lucerne❌. At least the first three are castles.

These are quite big, quite twisty twists, not too chunky, quite crispy and with an intriguing ribbon of green in the twist. That'll be the spinach then.

And I was pleased to see that although there were a few breakages most of the twists were still as long as the makers intended. I know it affects the taste not at all, but any snack works better without too many broken bits.

The Chef and I tried a few. We both thought they tasted a little green (which isn't nasty but isn't a top compliment) so I took most of the packet in to work for the reluctant taste testers to try. A great success! The reluctant taste testers liked them much more than I did and the bowlful didn't last long. Which just goes to show you shouldn't necessarily rely on one person's opinion.

Tall taste tester snagged another twist as he walked past, "Nice," he said briefly.

Sunday 19 November 2017

M&S Lightly Salted Tortillas

Made from an authentic corn 'masa' to bring you a true taste of Mexico says the packet.

Managerial taste tester, who does not often contribute to this blog, bought these tortillas for his #crunchatlunch and almost at once complained that he had bought just about the most boring crisps in the world. And then ate about ¾ of the 175g packet in one fell swoop. I must say, he has a highly professional crunch.

This certainly is a crunchy tortilla. I find the tortilla crunch can sometimes be a little dull. The taste here is a little dull but not nasty by any means... it's just not that exciting. I'm sure they would be nice with a dip, and of course probably good for anyone on a low salt diet. Also great for a gluten free diet.

Friday 17 November 2017

Merry Pringles! 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar

Red-Haired Bristolian read about this crispy advent calendar in the Bristol news on her Facebook feed. I looked it up and found you can buy your Pringles advent calendar at a shop called B&M. I had never heard of B&M before (I live in the wrong place really), but by taking two buses I could acquire one of these.

And you can imagine I was really keen to try.

But. But it has only 12 days/doors. What kind of advent calendar is that? Usually they have 24 doors, sometimes 25. But 12? I didn't set out to write a blog on comparative religious practices but it does seem that someone has muddled the 12 days of Christmas ( you know: 🎶on the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me ... 🎶) with the tradition of the advent calendar. So not that impressed.

And extra not impressed: you only get 4 different flavours of Pringle. Apparently there are 34 flavours in America (although I read that on a website and it isn't clear whether America means the USA or includes Canada or South America or what), and I know that without even trying I have sampled 5 different European flavours, so why restrict the calendar to a mere 4 flavours?

Original, Sour Cream and Onion, Salt & Vinegar, and Texas BBQ Sauce. Hmmm. Not super Christmassy flavours. 40g tubs eh? Just like you can buy at your local petrol station or corner shop.

Last year the reluctant taste testers tried a Pigs in Blankets flavour Pringle (pigs in blankets in the UK means little cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon which people buy - or make - to go with their Christmas turkey). Which obviously qualifies this as a Christmassy flavour. But this is not included.

With 4 classic flavours, the countdown to Christmas has never been this exciting! 

What a shame Pringles couldn't be a little more imaginative. What a lot of kudos they would have got for including el weirdo flavours we don't usually get the opportunity to try here in the U.K. What a great Christmas present that would have been for us all.

I read online that these advent calendars are flying off the shelves. Which is great. Maybe Pringles will bring them back next year with more Christmassy flavours, and maybe more doors. That would be very exciting.

And if you're a fan of advent calendars you may like this article from The Guardian on the ridiculous rise of luxury advent calendars...  or perhaps 2017's best advent calendars? Get yours while you can!

Wednesday 15 November 2017

M&S Spirit of Summer Paprika Hand Cooked Crisps

Used to be you could only buy paprika flavoured crisps in mainland Europe where paprika is a popular flavour. I've written a few posts on Euro crisps (especially Zweifel Paprika crisps found only in Switzerland) but I'd never seen them here.

Until I found The Real McCoy's Ridge Cut Paprika crisps when we went to Avebury two years ago.

And now here's this very nice crisp from Marks & Spencer. You probably know that crisp manufacturers routinely use paprika for colour and M&S haven't scrimped on the colour here; this crisp really is a lovely paprika red.

The reluctant taste testers really approved of this crisp. I think all of them went out of their way to tell me how much they enjoyed it. A lot. Which is quite unusual. And I think they would have eaten a second or even a third bowlful only I felt obliged to take half the packet home for the Chef to try. He gets grumpy if the reluctant taste testers eat a whole packet of really good crisps.

This is a very tasty crisp. I hope M&S keep it on next year as I'm sure it would be popular.

Thursday 9 November 2017

M&S Bloody Mary Hand Cooked Red Crisps

Wow these crisps are red. Impressively red. And the packet (the back of the packet) is fabulously rich red metallic. Very handsome indeed. Pity the front of the packet is a little more regular.

I thought these crisps were a bit vinegary, but the Chef thought spicy. And I must say I could not detect any bloody maryness about the flavour and I'm not sure any of the reluctant taste testers could either. However, I see the ingredients actually do include both tomatoes and vodka. And of course the spuds are Highland Burgundy Red potatoes.

On the back of the packet the crisps are labelled tomato, Worcester sauce and vodka flavoured. No wonder the reluctant taste testers were picking Worcester sauce as the main flavour.

Quite unusual, and not bad, but not really very bloody mary. Possibly a could do better.

Tuesday 7 November 2017

Ardens Melts Cream Cheese & Spring Onion

You know those savoury little choux pastry buns that you get at fancy parties? These crispy bites are a little bit like that, with a real taste of choux pastry even though that's not crispy.

The filling is a wonderfully soft squidgy mix of cream cheese and not too much spring onion. Which can be a bit harsh. You could shove a whole one into your mouth without taking a bite at all, but I thought two bites was more ladylike. Still, I could probably manage not to drop too manycrumbs down my front.

I really enjoyed these and probably are more than my fair share. I discovered Tech taste tester has invested in a packet (currently they're on special at Waitrose) and was tucking in. He told me, somewhat dubiously I thought, that he was still eating them so he must like them.

Now, I did enjoy this crispy snack but I didn't manage to work out which bit was the melt.

Very nice.

Sunday 5 November 2017

Pret a Manger Smoked Chipotle

I bought this little packet of crisps when I went to St Paul's Cathedral the other day to see pre-blog friend (which is to say I suddenly have to invent a taste tester name for her) India Traveller and her sweet little daughter who at 6 months is very chatty even if there aren't any actual words involved.

I hadn't seen this flavour from Pret before but the woman behind the cash desk obviously thought I was mad when I asked if it was new. It seems they've had it since last year. Hmmm. But I usually only visit the Luton Airport Pret and I haven't flown from there for a while.

Very dark red crisps, lots of chilli aroma and an extremely nice chilli taste. Not too hot, a bit of a kick but somehow just right. I think all the taste testers approved. Jam Maker and Cliffs of Moher taste testers thought them pretty well prefect.

Not bad eh? Fun packet design too.

Friday 3 November 2017

Casino Chips Campagnardes

Produits de qualite depuis 1901 says the packet. And so I assume that the Casino supermarket brand began in 1901. It's hard to find any information about it in English because of the vast number of online casinos that cluttered up my every search. I have been to an enormous Geant Casino shop somewhere near Saint Tropez in the South of France which was impressively huge, but I think this packet of crisps came from a small store in Pierrefonds.

Interestingly campagnard translates (thank you google) as countryman, campagnarde as countrywoman, and compagnardes as rustic. So now we know. This is a packet of rustic crisps. But what makes these simple sunflower oil and salt potato crisps rustic? I should have thought rustic crisps wouldn't be crinkle cut. But there you are.
Although Tall taste tester opined that these crisps are never going to set the world on fire we did seem to eat quite a lot of them. Pleasantly crunchy, lightly salty, really quite nice. And I didn't read the back of the packet so I didn't realise I should have heated them up. But we only have a microwave in th office and Casino don't recommend a micro; you've got to use an oven.

Tuesday 31 October 2017

M&S Turkey Feast Hand Cooked Crisps

5% of the price of this little packet of crisps goes to housing charity Shelter. Crisps without guilt.
You can see the packet says roast turkey with stuffing and cranberry, potato crisps with parsnip & carrot crisps, don't worry we haven't included the sprouts!  Oddly I find the older I get the more I like sprouts. And this year I have seen a number of sprout christmas tree decorations. The year of the sprout? Perhaps. But not here.

We weren't quite sure about the parsnip and carrot crisps but the turkey flavoured potato crisps were certainly very turkey tasting. 

Turkey usually works very well as a crisp flavour but seems to be available only around Christmas time. And presumably Thanksgiving too.