Sunday, 19 November 2017

M&S Lightly Salted Tortillas

Made from an authentic corn 'masa' to bring you a true taste of Mexico says the packet.

Managerial taste tester, who does not often contribute to this blog, bought these tortillas for his #crunchatlunch and almost at once complained that he had bought just about the most boring crisps in the world. And then ate about ¾ of the 175g packet in one fell swoop. I must say, he has a highly professional crunch.

This certainly is a crunchy tortilla. I find the tortilla crunch can sometimes be a little dull. The taste here is a little dull but not nasty by any means... it's just not that exciting. I'm sure they would be nice with a dip, and of course probably good for anyone on a low salt diet. Also great for a gluten free diet.

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