Friday, 17 June 2016

Frit Ravich Ruedas de Patata

Un snack muy crujiente says the packet. Which I judge to mean a very crispy/crunchy snack. Interesting to note that Spanish for snack is... snack. And why not?
 ¿Todavia no las has probado? (not tried this product yet?) Crujientes y sabrosas (crunchy and tasty) and ¡un sabor sorprendented! (a surprising taste). Well, now we know.

This wheel-shaped snack was brought home by the Dutch taste tester and her husband the Vinyl Collector from Barcelona. The wheels survived the French railways (including a strike and cancelled trains) but suffered some breakages on the public transport network in London. Which is a shame, but of course wheel-shaped or not, the snack still tastes the same.

And what does it taste of exactly? To be honest, not very much. Basically it tastes of frying. And it's mostly air. But surprisingly tasty not-tasting-of-anything-much Spanish air.

All the reluctant taste testers really rather liked this no-taste style snack. Most of us felt that we could happily sit down in a comfy chair with a good book or a box set and eat the entire packet.

And we feel that's a pretty good recommendation.


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