Monday, 20 June 2016

Chio Xtreme Wasabi

The Vinyl Collector (Dutch taste tester's husband - keep up!) went to Prague on business the other day and very sweetly brought back a packet of crisps for the reluctant taste testers to try. Extra generous when you think he has only met us once, if at all.

Slightly unfortunate that Dutch taste tester hasn't told him I don't like wasabi. But I don't imagine they discuss me much at home. And I am sorry to say I spat my first (and last) crisp out. Ugh! What is it that the whole world but me sees in wasabi?

But worry not that this effort was wasted because most of the reluctant taste testers like wasabi a lot. And indeed, Tall Elegant taste tester was effusive in her praise, and Tall taste tester opined that these crisps were pretty much the best ever. Despite being green.

So good reviews all round. Except from me. Oh, and the Chef said he tried "the xtreme (no kidding) wasabithings and they are without doubt one of the most evil tasting snacks ever" so he didn't fancy them either.

Strange stuff, taste. So says the Chef. And of course he's right.

If you like wasabi you should seek them out. But you may have to visit Hungary, the Czech Republic,  or Slovakia to find them.
The extremely green packaging gives the somewhat misleading impression that these crisps are all bubbly. Like mint Aero. But they aren't. They're just potato crisps.

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