Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Walkers Smoky Bacon

I don't think we have tried a crisp from Walkers for a while, so here is a packet of Smoky Bacon. A classic Walkers flavour. And in fact, it is a "grab bag" of Smoky Bacon crisps. Effectively this means you get twice as much as you would if you bought an ordinary small packet of crisps. And naturally, it also means you eat twice as many crisps as you meant to. Because who folds the bag over carefully and leaves half the contents for tomorrow?
A typical crisp from Walkers; nice golden colour and a good crunch (not too hard). I thought this flavour was... OK, but the crisps seemed to disappear from the kitchen mighty fast so I judge that all, or at least some, of the reluctant taste testers found them very tasty. And once again went out of their way to disagree with me!

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