Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Yorkshire Crisps Henderson's Yorkshire Sauce

While the Chef and I were road tripping the other week we spent a lot of time in traffic jams. At times it seemed that the whole of England had ground to a halt. OK, so it was half term, but even so. Seriously, it was hard to get anywhere without taking to a B road.

Well, anyway, sitting in a lengthy nose to tail slow moving not-quite traffic jam, we tried this packet of Yorkshire Crisps generously donated by bloggy friend News From Nowhere Alan and his GLW.

Yum. Very tasty indeed. As I knew they would be.

A lovely rich spicy, oniony, lemony flavour on a terrific crisp. Delicious. Or as the packet says Deliciously Moreish. I'd agree with that.

I haven't tried Henderson's Yorkshire Sauce but I imagine it must be tasty too.

In fact we had tried this flavour before in pre-blog days and enjoyed it very much. If I remember correctly I bought the packet at a sort of snack truck outside Hardwick Hall in 2011. No. I don't have an astounding memory for purchasing crispy snacks, but my iPhoto tells me when I took pictures of Hardwick Hall.
If any of you crisp fans have been paying attention to Euro 2016 you might like to contemplate the fact that Wales (a country famously, one might say infamously, "the size of Wales") thumped enormous Russia 3-0 in the football last night. "The size of Wales" is of course an internationally recognized unit of geographical measurement. Lake Ontario is, for example, pretty much the size of Wales, as are Slovenia, El Salvador and Israel. Russia on the other hand is about 823 times the size of Wales.
I am not aware that anyone has tried to calculate the number of football pitches (soccer pitches) or double decker buses you could fit into Russia. Or Wales either come to that. Football pitches and double decker buses are also frequently used as units of measurement; the first for area, the second for length as in "how many double decker buses would you need to reach to the moon?"

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