Saturday, 25 June 2016

Golden Wonder Sausage & Tomato

This packet of crisps was recommended by Roxie at the bakery in Tetbury. She told me it's her favourite and I can see why.

And indeed the reluctant taste testers could see why too. Despite being suitable for vegetarians (no sausages were harmed in the making of this crisp) the taste is definitely sausage and tomato ketchup butty. I could taste the sage so that would make it a pork sausage; albeit faux pork. A very superior sausage butty.

Tech, Dutch and History Graduate taste testers were all enthusiastic and the little bowl of crisps (it was only a 32.5g packet) did not last long. Oh yes!; a great big two thumbs up from History Graduate.

Once again an old fashioned crisp with a light crunch. And we thought it rather tasty; very nice indeed.

I wonder where I can buy Golden Wonder crisps in London? I only go to Tetbury every couple of years or so.

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