Saturday, 18 June 2016

Kettle Bites Maple Barbecue Wholegrain Waves

Road trip! Again. Or perhaps, still.

Yes another small packet of crispy snacks found somewhere on the crowded roads of England. And look! Only 95 calories in this bag. Hmmn... could that be because there are only about 10 wholegrain waves in this 22g packet? The waves are quite big and the packet quite small.

Quite a nice crunch, quite barbecuey, but the reluctant taste testers all thought this a very sweet crispy snack. I little bit too sweet. And the packet image of maple syrup dripping off the waves (which you don't actually get) really does tell you all about the sweetness. Not sure there was any obviously herby flavouring going on - but perhaps we would have noticed if it wasn't in the recipe?

If you like other wavy snacks such as this Honey Barbecue one from M&S you might like to try this Maple Barbecue snack for a change.

We seem doomed lately to try maple syrup flavour stuff. It must be the season for it.


  1. I probably would have picked that up to try, too! And yes, small portions mean small calories. haha. But those just leave me wanting more! haha.


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