Thursday, 16 June 2016

Kettle Chips Crispy Bacon & Maple Syrup

Road trip!

You absolutely cannot beat motorway service stations and small shops in faraway towns for an interesting and exotic selection of crispy snacks. In small packets (all the better). But I can't remember where I found this packet. Sometimes all the service stations merge into one.

Anyhow, the reluctant taste testers and I tried these crisps and were amazed how mapley they are. Not that this is necessarily a good thing as we are fairly united in our desire to keep crisps savoury not sweet.

It was quite interesting trying these crisps because the week before we had another packet of Portlebay Crispy Bacon & Maple Syrup Popcorn which I wrote up in January 2015. Tall Elegant taste tester wasn't here then so she didn't realise we had tried this superb popcorn before.

So, faced with two entirely different textures, but two very similar tastes, what did we think? For myself, I think Bacon & Maple Syrup works better with the popcorn.

However, please don't run away with the idea that these crisps are in any way nasty. It's just that they are a bit sweet. And may not suit your idea of what a potato crisp should taste like.

Not suitable for vegetarians because they are made with actual bacon. From Norfolk. I wonder why the bacon should come from Norfolk in particular? I didn't know it was a centre of excellence in the pig farming world. And muscovado sugar too. No wonder they are so sweet.

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