Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Golden Wonder Ready Salted


Who knew Golden Wonder crisps were still going? Not me. Not any of the reluctant taste testers. Not even Glamorous Hotelier from Tetbury who lives mere steps from a bakery that actually sells Golden Wonder crisps!

I saw the Golden Wonder crisps through the window and rushed in to engage bakery assistant Roxie (I think that was her name) in conversation. She tells me that she loves Golden Wonder crisps and was super excited to get a job in a shop where they are sold. Plus, she told me that writing about crisps would be the "best job ever!". Sadly it's not my job. But Roxie is right. It would be a great job if anyone ever wanted to pay me.

Anyhow, all the reluctant taste testers were thrilled to see a packet of Golden Wonder Crisps. Yes, indeed. Some of us remember Golden Wonder from when we were growing up. I remember Golden Wonder from before I ever saw a packet of Walkers crisps and I'm not the only one.

Lovely old fashioned salty, oily taste. Very nice. Nothing fancy but we liked these crisps a lot.

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