Thursday, 30 June 2016

Chimpeys Baked Peanut Snack

Noble Friend went on a cruise recently and brought back four packets of crispy snacks from Malta. Who knew that Malta would be such a mecca for fans of crispy snacks?

Never having seen anything like this little packet of Chimpeys the reluctant taste testers speculated as to whether the snack would be chimp-shaped or not. I confess I was pretty sure it wouldn't be, but History Graduate taste tester agreed with me that a chimp-shaped snack would be rather wonderful. Not chimp-flavoured. Obviously. Because that would be silly.

Anyway, what do you get  in your Chimpeys bag? A small crunchy snack, not unlike a Cheesy Wotsit or a Cheeto but brown. And a delicate but definite peanut taste.

Despite my disappointment at the shape I rather enjoyed this snack and would be very happy to try it again. The small bowlful was snacked up well before lunch.
In place of the usual little guy throwing away his rubbish responsibly, we have a jolly sun inviting us to keep our country tidy. Which I will attempt to do.
Have you noticed that Tarzan is not dangling from the branch of a tree but from the chimp?

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