Friday, 1 July 2016

Jungle Sticks

A second packet of crispy snacks from the Mediterranean island of Malta. Chosen by Noble Friend this retro 1980s style packet was crammed full of yummy extruded potato and maize chips (French fries) or chipsticks. It's always hard to know just how to describe this type of snack.

This is a real triumph of fabulous crispy crunchiness and brilliant bacony taste. I thought they were great as did Tall Elegant taste tester. Dutch taste tester and History Graduate were enthusiastic too. Even Tech taste tester, who says he doesn't usually like this sort of crispy snack, had to admit the taste was very good indeed.

A terrific crispy snack. We liked these a lot. Very easy to have another, and maybe another...
Unfortunate fact of the day: none of us is planning to visit Malta any time soon. We'll just have to make Noble Friend go back.


  1. Id love to get one of these packets - what do you do with all of these once you are done eating them?

    1. Most of the packets go in the bin because usually they are not recyclable. Crisp manufactuers need to get their act together on the recycling front.


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