Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Landau Natural Foods Potato Poppers Sweet BBQ

I really have to say that in my opinion this is a horrible packaging design. The snack on the packaging is grey or maybe beige and looks like mushrooms. Or maybe those weird mushroom-shaped meringue thingies you sometimes find.

But what do you find inside the packet? Yes, these little bright orange crispy snack circles. Nothing like the picture on the packet. I know. We are used to the packaging image being somewhat different from the actual snack... but this is ridiculous. 

And the snack itself? Well, I can tell you that Extremely Senior Volunteer taste tester ate quite a lot. I think the reluctant taste testers ate a fair amount, but Tech taste tester who was out of the office that morning on a confidential legal mission only got crumbs. Probably because of Extremely Senior Volunteer's enthusiasm.

Not a bad BBQ flavour and quite sweet but I thought there was an odd acrid aftertaste that spoiled the snack for me.

This is a low fat potato snack with 90% less fat than regular potato chips! Non GMO, all natural and cholesterol free. Potato Poppers are popped not fried. Landau... where good-health meets great taste. Or so the packet tells me.

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