Monday, 18 July 2016

Purina DeliBakie Oven-Baked Stars Cheese & Beef

Taste tester Honey highly recommends this fancy star-shaped snack. Goodness only knows why Purina thought it a good plan to produce doggy snacks in a star shape: I am sure Honey only cares about the taste. However, there's no denying, they do look rather smart.

And check out the name. This doggy snack sounds (reads) just like a human snack. DeliBakie (from the delicatessen perhaps?), Oven-Baked (speaks for itself) and then beef and cheese flavour. I have to say they do smell pretty good.

But. But they are for dogs.


  1. I saw "Purina" on my sidebar and thought, "Oh, God! I hope Georgina knows they only make food for pets! I hope she isn't snacking on dog biscuits!" hahahah....

    1. We used to eat dog biscuits all the time when I was a child. The plain ones... not the ones with added gravy. And a friend of my mother's fed her dogs a B vitamin supplement which is meant to be good for their fur. So she took it too and swore her hair was better for it!