Thursday, 28 July 2016

N.A! Nature Addicts Rice Crackers Poivre Noir

These strangely communion-wafer-like crispy snacks are a lot paler in real life than they are on the packaging. Weirdly both Slightly Red Haired Bristolian and Tech taste testers were reminded of communion wafers and I could see just what they meant. But (luckily) this circular snack does not glue itself to the roof of your mouth in the way that wafers do. 

However, the taste is much stronger and more appealing than communion wafer (which as I recall tastes of nothing very much): quite salty and very peppery. Very peppery indeed. Lots of taste. And quite a good crunch too.

It seems the reluctant taste testers were happy to snack on this mystery rice cracker which is obviously intended to be a healthy snack. I'm not sure that I was mad for it myself, but it is quite tasty. Don't know if I would buy it again... if I were in France (which is where I found this crispy snack).... but I would not despise to try it again if it were offered. Interesting.

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