Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Ital Food Bruschette Maretti Mushrooms & Cream

And another intriguing flavour from Bruschette Maretti. Who would have thought of mushrooms and cream as a flavour for a crispy snack? What could the answer to this crispy conundrum be?

Apparently Bruschette Maretti (duh!) thought it a good plan. And we think they were right. It's an interesting taste this. A little surprising to the UK educated palate this mushroom flavoured crispy snack is really quite surprisingly mushroomy. Giraffe Fan taste tester suggested mushroom risotto, I think it was Senior taste tester who thought mushroom soup.

I think Giraffe Fan was pretty much on the spot, and several taste testers admitted that while their first taste was a mega surprise and they really aren't sure they liked this crispy snack, a second and third taste demonstrated that this is a very pleasant tasting crispy snack.

So if you spot it, give it a try.

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