Tuesday, 5 July 2016

M&S Spirit of Summer Mojito Mocktail Popcorn

Tall Elegant taste tester found this popcorn on special and so picked up a packet. And I'm not terribly surprised it was on special. 

The popcorn seems fine, the toffee works OK but is very sweet, and then there's the mint. Which is surprisingly minty with a proper hit of aromatic mintyness going on. But it is kind of unexpected. And the whole thing is quite sticky.

I wasn't in the kitchen more's the pity, because apparently the colour drained from his face, but I did hear the howls of surprise (and horror?) from Tech taste tester when he tried this popcorn. He said it was all shiny and caramel-looking and he wasn't expecting the mint. He admits to noticing the mint, but was not expecting such a minty mintyness. Well, you wouldn't, would you?

Dutch taste tester said it made her want rum. Noble Friend said she quite liked it. Was it she who likened the flavour it to lemon and lime? I can't remember. But to be honest I couldn't give most of  it away. Even Extremely Senior Volunteer taste tester wasn't eating it. And seriously, he will eat almost anything.

So the reluctant taste testers and I cannot in all honesty give this popcorn a very good review.

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