Sunday, 3 July 2016

Ghosts & Bats Potato Snacks Hamburger Flavour

The other day I pretended to be disappointed that the Chimpeys snack was not chimpanzee-shaped. Of course I really wasn't expecting that. But I was expecting this crispy snack, prominently labelled Ghosts & Bats, to be ghost- and/or bat-shaped.

I mean, we've tried ghosts and bats before for Hallowe'en, and not at Hallowe'en. We've tried scorpion shapes; in two different flavours.  So why do these Ghosts and Bats look more like pasta shells than anything?

This Maltese snack has a lovely aroma of fried crispy snack, a nice light crunch, and a taste of.... well I thought they taste mainly of crispy snack. However, Slightly Red-Haired Bristolian (she's a new taste tester) thought they tasted of bacon. And I think they sort of do. Or bacon-flavour snacks anyway. Which is pretty odd wouldn't you say? Definitely not a hamburger flavour.

The artwork on the packet is so unlike the actual snack it's really bizarre. But having said that, we all liked them a lot and they were all eaten by 10 o'clock in the morning. That didn't take long then.

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