Monday 11 July 2016

Yorkshire Crisps Chardonnay Wine Vinegar

Sadly this is the final packet of Yorkshire Crisps for the time being. I really need to find a local source because they really are very good indeed.

And the Chardonnay Wine Vinegar crisps out of this amazingly blue packet are basically a fancy version of salt & vinegar. But a light and gentle salt & vinegar. Applied to a terrific crisp. Whatever else they do, Yorkshire Crisps know how to fry a slice of potato to perfection.

The reluctant taste testers did point out that this is just a salt & vinegar crisp, but they also agreed that it's a great salt & vinegar crisp.

As so often with a great product there is little left to say. Except to repeat "I really need to find a local source" and wonder if this potential source might also sell Yorkshire Popcorn which I have yet to try.

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